When accuracy matters, Mason Technology offers GWP® to certify your equipment

Good Weighing Practice (GWP®) is a global weighing standard that can be applied to new or existing weighing equipment.

GWP® gives documented evidence for reproducible weighing results in harmony with all current quality standards in laboratory and manufacturing industries.

Users who focus on stable processes, constant product quality, lean manufacturing or regulatory compliance, can use GWP® as the benchmark to select and calibrate their weighing equipment. It’s important to make sure you have the correct scale selected for your laboratory and production line. GWP® offers a compliant balance system.

Weighing could be a risk to the quality of your products.


  1. Using correct & accurate instrument
  2. Regular performance verification to maintain accuracy over time
GWP for Laboratory & Industrial

Contact our team to discuss GWP® and how it can ensure your processes are compliant.

Every balance has one important nominal property, the so-called readability.  The readability of a balance can be electronically set to any value.  It is crucial to know the measurement uncertainty of a balance and the minimum weight.

Readability accounts for the rounding error of a digital indication. This balance property is not measured but its contribution to the overall measurement uncertainty is given by the number of digits after the comma and thus is a fixed value.  The most important measure for accurate weighing is knowing the minimum weight of your instruments and to always weigh above it.

  • Sensitivity

  • Nonlinearity

  • Eccentricity, or corner load

  • Repeatability

The safety factor determines the margin between accurate results and those being out of tolerance.  With GWP®, you have risks under control and achieve:

  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Reduced Costs
  • Safe Audits

Key Suppliers:

Azure Biosystems
Buchi Switzerland
LTE Scientific
Memmert - experts in thermostatics
Mettler Toledo
Shimandzu - Excellence in Science

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