At Mason Technology we are committed to the highest quality standards in all aspects of our business

Mason Technology is committed to operating a Quality Assurance System which meets, as a minimum, the requirements of the International Standards ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 (INAB).

Our Quality Policy is at the core of our business ethos enabling us to meet the requirements of our customers while continuously improving our Quality Management System.

Our interpretation of Quality means that we understand our Customers and their needs and that we meet those needs on time, as planned and without defects.

We meet our Customer’s Expectations by:


  • Understanding the requirements for our Customers

  • Anticipating and working towards the future needs of our Customers

  • Annually setting and meeting company business objectives

  • Constantly reviewing and improving the service we provide



  • Continuously acting in a just and ethical manner

  • Top Management providing the required resources to meet Customer needs

  • Attracting, Training and Retaining qualified staff

  • Adopting a policy of Corporate Governance

INAB ISO 17025 Calibration

ISO 9001 – Mason Technology became ISO 9001:2015 certified with NSAI in 2018 – Reg. No. IE19.7170


INAB 17025 – We offer ISO 17025 INAB Accredited Weighing, Mass, Digital Indicators / Probes (Thermometers), Heat & Temperature Mapping, Speed Measuring Devices (Centrifuge) and Humidity Meter Calibrations (INAB Reg No. 043C).

Key Suppliers:

Azure Biosystems
Buchi Switzerland
LTE Scientific
Memmert - experts in thermostatics
Mettler Toledo
Shimandzu - Excellence in Science

Supplier of top quality industrial and scientific equipment for over 230 years!


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